Attic ventilation is a very important part of how much energy is required to heat and cool it efficiently.  With all the different builders in Spring, Cypress and The Woodlands, there is no cookie cutter approach that work for all homes.   Poor or incorrect attic ventilation can be energy consuming and severely shorten the life span of your hvac system and roof.  Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX can help you by offering various attic ventialation options best suited for your home.

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Spring TX ridgevent installation and replacement


Ridge Vent installation is a very popular form of attic ventilation used to exhaust hot air that accumulates at the top of a homes roof.

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Attic Fans

Spring TX attic fan installation and replacement


Attic fans offer huge benefits to keeping attic temperatures at bay.  Attic fans come in powered and solar versions with different ratings to suit the size of your attic.


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Roof Turbines

Spring TX roof turbine installation and replacement


Roof turbines is the zero energy use natural attic ventilation.  Utilizing wind as its power source, roof turbines spin to draw hot air out of your attic.