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Homes in Spring TX range in age from the mid 60's to new site built homes in 2016.  One thing they have in common is that they all have roofs.  What is unfortunate is that a new roof can leak just like an older roof system.  Our Spring TX roof repair experts can help your repair your roof leak with just a simple phone call.  To schedule a free roof repair quote in Spring, TX, call us today at 832-537-2317.

So what exactly causes a roof to leak?  Let's go over the top three reasons for our roof repair calls in Spring TX.  Roofs are made up of a system to shed exterior water and if any of these components fail, a roof repair is needed.  When we have a roof repair request, one of the first things we look at is the roof installation pattern.  Roof shingles are designed by the manufacturer to be installed using a unique pattern that allows them to shed rain and keep it out of the house.  Some roof repair requests are installation issues, but normally these are noticed immediately after a new roof replacement.

The second reason for roof repair calls in Spring are associated with the accessories on the roof.  Mainly the pipe boots that are used by untrained roofing contractors offering cheap roofs but also the ones used by many new home builders who with to cut corners on roofs.  For many years, homes had roofing with lead pipe boots.  Not only are these roof accessories more expensive due to the material, but also not commonly sold at your regular big box stores.  They are a type of specialty product offered thru roofing contractor vendors.  What has become a less expensive alternative is to use plastic pipe boots.  These boots have a rubber ring which dries out from the sun's UV rays and cracks.  Cracks on a roof almost always mean roof leaks.   Replacing these plastic pipe boots multiple times on a roof is not uncommon.  Failure usually occurs 7-10 years down the road, which is usually long after most roofing contractors warranty period has run out.

The third roof repair cause we experience in Spring TX is roof flashing issues. Roof flashing can either fail from wind damage, rodents, or even being non existent.  Roof flashing is important in any roof system to help integrate the roof with other components of the home or building.  Some roof repairs in Spring TX were a direct cause of the roofing contractors having not installed flashing details and within time, water found  its way inside the home.

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