Locating Roofing Leaks

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Roof leaks

are a nuisance for many homeowners.  They can be difficult to diagnose as different weather conditions will produce leaks in different locations.  The vast majority of roof coverings operate using the principal of gravity.  This can be a big help in locating a leak source.  However, horizontal roof boards can trick you.  A leak may actually be eight to 10 feet sideways from where you see the wet ceiling or spot in the attic.

Finding the source of some leaks is easy.  Others will require detective work and possibly a garden hose and an inside spotter.  If you don't feel comfortable on a roof, you will have to find a


to assist you.


if your roof is older, it is possible that the leak is within the roof field.  This means the expanse of shingles, slate, shakes, whatever if your roof is asphalt, then you can walk around with ease.  Other materials such as slate, concrete tile or clay tile many not be so forgiving.  You can crack


if you walk on it, so be careful.  With regular shingles, look at the tops of the vertical knockouts.  Look for missing colored granules.  Look for cracks.  Possibly a nail has backed itself out of the roof sheathing.  Simply take your time and hunt.

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