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Attic insulation can be added or upgraded to make your home more energy efficient.  There are attic insulation options that are allowed by The Woodlands such as blown attic insulation and radiant barrier attic insulation.  Both types of attic insulation is used by many of the new home builders in The Woodlands due to the amount of money they help The Woodlands residents save.  
Attic insulation in The Woodlands and in general is measured by R-Value.  Attic insulation materials R-Value is the measure of it's ability to resist heat traveling thru it.  The higher the r-value or the more insulation, the better your home will perform in energy efficiency.

Blown attic insulation is a type of attic insulation material that is both effective and affordable.  Blown attic insulation is the #1 type of attic insulation installed in The Woodlands.  Blown attic insulation in pneumatically blown into the attic using a large diameter hose and specialty high powered blowing equipment.  Blown attic insulation is more effective that regular roll insulation because it can fill in smaller voids which lead to huge amounts of energy loss.  Attic insulation is added and upgraded on older homes every day in The Woodlands, and is a remodeling bonus when you sell a home as well.

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