What Should Be Replaced During Roof Replacement

Local Spring TX roofing contractor Avalanche Contractors has been replacing damaged roofing in the area since 1998.  One of the questions we get asked the most is what all is going to be replaced during the roof replacement.

First of all, you would want to deal with a local roofing contractor that will completely remove all shingles down to the decking.  The reason for this is so the roofing contractor can thoroughly inspect the roof decking to make sure there aren't any soft spots such as rotted wood.  This is the only time this decking will be accessible to be replaced and should be replaced if rotted.  Your new shingles will need a solid sub-roof to nail into.

Next you will need a new layer of felt installed.  This felt should be overlapped starting from the base of the roof.  The felt should run vertically across the roof.  Any vertical runs of felt should only be used in valleys as a minimal protective layer where water shield or valley flashing is not available.

You will want to make sure your roofing contractor is also installing a full perimeter drip edge flashing.  Some builders in Spring TX have omitted the drip edge flashing on their homes to cut cost.  Drip edge flashing helps support the perimeter roofing shingles from sagging and most importantly, keeps water from running behind the fascia causing wood rot.  It is important to make sure gutter screws are installed below the drip edge and not thru it.

All of your homes plumbing flashing's should be replaced at this time.  They all have a minimal life that will not exceed the life of the roof.  Most Spring TX roof repair calls that we go on regarding leaks, are usually a faulty roof top flashing that has failed due to heat.

For your new roof replacement project, you want to make sure you see the shingles that are going to be installed on your home.  Make sure they are all in closed packaging.  They will also have a plant number labeled on each package.  Make sure that the roofing shingles are all from the same plant in order to avoid variance in color once installed.  Just because the roofing contractor tells you the roofing shingles are all the same color, they could have been made in different locations which will be evident once installed.

Although a full professional roof replacement in Spring TX needs a few more things, these items cover the major key features that should be replaced during a roof replacement.  Should you have any questions regarding roof replacement or need a free roof replacement, call Avalanche Contractors of Spring TX for a free roof estimate.  You can also find us online at Roofing Contractors Spring TX

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