Radiant Barrier Installation Spring TX

Another quality radiant barrier installation in Spring, TX.  This project was completed in Spring, TX.  The homeowner, like many of his neighbors, had been experiencing high electricity bills and uncomfortable living condition due to the heat in Spring.  After requesting a free radiant barrier estimate online, we were able to determine that him home would greatly benefit from a full radiant barrier installation. 

What radiant barrier does is it provides a shield between the boiling hot roof and the attic space below.  Roof shingles can easily exceed 140 degrees in this heat.  That heat is radiated down and heats up the air in the attic space.  Now you have a situation where cool air is trying to reach different rooms in the home thru 140 degree attic space.  No wonder the air conditioning runs all day and the air doesn't seem cool.  A high quality radiant barrier will reflect the radiant heat, by up to 90% of it and not allow it to heat up your attic air.  This allows the air that you have paid to cool to reach the rooms at the intended temperatures.  Operating in lower temperatures not only prolongs the life of your air conditioning system but it also will allow it to cycle on an off thru out the day as it was designed vs running non stop. 

Below you will find pictures of our most recent radiant barrier installation in Spring, TX.  If your air conditioner is having trouble keeping up with the heat in Spring, TX, call Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX today to schedule a free attic inspection to see if radiant barrier would help you save energy and reduce your utility bills.  You can find us online for radiant barrier estimates at www.avalanchecontractors.com or you can schedule by phone by calling 832-537-2317.  Radiant barrier installers, Avalanche Contractors, is an A+ rated accredited BBB Local Business and we have many reviews online.  Call today 832-537-2317