Reasons Why Metal Roofs Leak And Need Metal Roof Repair


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Metal Roof Repair Spring TX - Avalanche Contractors - 20211 Eden Pines Spring, TX 77379


  1. Metal roofs that require metal roof repair is usually narrowed down to expired exposed roof metal screws.  There are in the neighborhood of 65 metal roofing screws per square foot of metal roofing.  On a 2,000 square foot home in Spring TX, there are at least 2,200 – 2,600 metal roofing screws installed or potential leaks requiring metal roof repair.
  2. Metal roof screw failure can also be caused by inexperienced metal roofing contractors.  Metal roof screws have a rubber washer that is intended to make a seal between the metal roof screw and the metal roof to keep water out.  An under-driven screw won’t make a seal, over-driven metal roof screws crush the rubber washer, and a metal roof screw driven at an incorrect angle will not seal either. 
  3. Metal roof panels are extremely durable and meant to last as long as 50 years.  The rubber washers on the metal roof screws however, only have a serviceable life expectancy of only 10-15 years.  Metal roof panels have the highest expansion and contraction factor of any other roofing product available.  Each day, the metal roof panels will expand with the day’s heat and contract at night as the temperature goes down.  This daily expansion / contraction cycle causes wear and tear on the rubber washers and over time lead to deterioration and loose their seal.
  4. Metal roofs with exposed metal roof fasteners were not designed to be used in residential applications.  Using a metal roof with exposed fasteners will have you relying heavily on caulking and metal roof sealants to stay leak free.
  5. Exposed fastener metal roofing is a metal roofing product, not a metal roofing system.  This type of metal roofing does not have the required interlocking pieces needed to water proof a home long term as well as other types of metal roofing such as standing seam metal roofing systems.


If you are considering a metal roof for your home, the best option is a standing seam metal roof system.  They are more expensive than traditional roofs, but are built to last.  If budget is an concern with a standing seam metal roof, don’t block out the idea of a traditional shingle roof installation.  It may not be what you want, but you will have less headaches with your roof than with an exposed fastener metal roof.


Looking for a free estimate for a standing seam metal roof?  Call Avalanche Contractors of Spring TX today!   We will send a trained standing seam metal roof professional to your home to help answer any questions you may have regarding metal roofing and to provide you with a free metal roof quote.


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