Roof Repair in Spring TX

roof repair in Spring TX

October 17, 2012

Roof repair in Spring TX is usually needed after a soaking rain or a visit to the attic.  Roofing repairs vary in size depending on the initial damage and how long the roof leak has been allowed to exist.  Roof repairs that are ignored are usually the most expensive to restore or repair due to the damage water does to a home.  The majority of roof leaks are narrowed down to a valley or pipe collar failure issue on the roof.  Roof valleys fail for many reasons including poor installation, inferior materials, wind and storm damage.  Pipe collars are likely to fail depending on material used.  Pipe collars come manufactured of either lead or plastic with a rubber collar that seals around plumbing pipes.  Failure of pipe collars made of lead that have needed roof repair in Spring have been due to damage caused by critters on the roof.  Squirrels primarily, like to sharpen their teeth by chewing on the lead coverings which wears down and exposes the plumbing pipe causing a leak.  The plastic pipe collars are becoming more and more used by builders in new construction as an economy flashing.  The rubber collar within 5-10 years fails due to the sun's ultraviolet rays drying out the membrane causing leaks. Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX are experts in roof leak detection.  Should you have a roof repair that needs attention or just have a question, call the local roof repair company you can trust.

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