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Are missing shingles or a leaky roof a sign of a bigger problem? How do you know when you should opt for roof repair or a roof replacement?

Step #1 – Act Fast: Do not let a small problem that could be easily fixed – like a few missing shingles or a small roof leak – turn into a major roofing catastrophe, requiring a new roof.

Step #2 – Call Avalanche Contractors: Avalanche Contractors of Spring TX can help you with all of your roofing needs. Our roofing experts will be able to examine your roof, analyze your specific problem, and provide you with your best options moving forward.

  • Roofing Option #1 – Roof Repair: If you are lucky, the integrity of your roof may still be intact. If this is the case, a simple roof repair may be all you need to increase the useful lifespan of your roof.

  • Roofing Option #2 – Roof Replacement: Sometimes, roof repairs are just not enough. When this is the case, your only option may be a new roof. But don’t fret, there are several benefits of a new roof.

Benefits of a Roof Replacement

  • Energy Efficiency:Old roofs let warm air escape during the winter and let warm air in during the summer. All of this means that your HVAC system needs to work twice as hard to accomplish your desired indoor temperature. And you know what that means? High energy bills!

  • Curb Appeal:A new roof will give your home a fresh, new look and instant curb appeal.

  • Roof Leaks and Mold: Leaky roofs combined with the humidity of your attic make it the perfect breeding ground for mildew and mold. Mold is not only bad for your home, but for your health. Mold has been linked to several health issues, including asthma, allergies, rashes, sinus infections, cold/flu, pneumonia, skin infections, and much more.

  • Make Your Home Easier to Sell:Realtor's estimate that as much as 40 percent of your home’s curb appeal is directly linked to your roof. And first impressions are everything when selling a house.

  • Great Return on Investment (ROI): Roof replacements are among the top of the home improvement list in terms of returns on investment, at 67%.

  • Increase Resale Value: Not only will a new roof make your home easier to sell, it will also make it worth more money!

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