fence repair spring tx

fence repair spring tx



Fence repair is  a cost efficient way to fix those areas on your fence that are showing signs of  damage, missing/loose boards, and decay. Many times it is not necessary to replace the entire fence as a whole because it can come with a hefty price tag.  On the average, new fence installation can cost around $18 or more per linear foot. That means the average size residential lot fence will cost around $4,500, making fence replacement a costly choice. Most fence repairs can be done easily. Fence gates are another frequently used item that would need repair over time.  Avalanche Contractors provides quality fence repair services in Spring, TX.  Call us today if you need a free quote on your next fence repair project. 



Fence repair can be an inevitable part of owning a home with a fence, especially if the material of your fence isn’t as well-suited to Spring TX weather as other materials might be. Depending on the material and age of your fence, as well as any damage it’s sustained, fence repair can be a difficult, time-consuming, and costly task, especially if you don’t know how to find a reliable Spring, TX fence repair company. Luckily, no matter what your fence is made of or how badly it’s damaged, Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX is here to make the necessary repairs to get your fence looking good as new again. We install and service all types of wood fences including pine and cedar fence, ensuring that whatever your fencing system needs are, we’re the right company for you. Since 1998, Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX is the local choice for fence installation and repair company, we’ve become a trusted residential fence repair service in Spring TX, offering great rates and timely service.    

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A fence, just as any outdoor structure can break down, become weather-damaged, and simply age past its serviceable life.  Fences are not immune to the random weather of Spring TX or the passing of time. However, fences also don’t usually wear out completely all at once. Just like your home, different pieces need replacing at different times. While you might need to replace your entire fence or large sections all at one time, chances are good that you’ll need slightly smaller repairs over a period of time. That’s why we invest our time in helping home and business owners with their fence repair needs year-round – because we’ll only make the repairs you need, leaving perfectly good sections of fence alone until they need replacing. Making fence repairs to small sections of fencing can be difficult, though, for inexperienced fence repair companies, but at Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX, we know how to repair and replace small sections of fence with materials that blend with the rest of your fence, ensuring that the newly replaced sections match the style and color of your original fence.

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