As a local roof replacement expert, Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX, uses only quality materials by Owens Corning to give you peace of mind that your new roof will not need replacement for a very long time.  Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX provides various roof replacement options from 25, 30, and 50 year shingles.  Call today to schedule a free estimate.

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25 Yr Roof replacement

25 yr roof replacement shingles have three regularly spaced asphalt tabs, giving the roofing material a very repetitive pattern.  25 yr asphalt shingles today dominate the roofing market, commanding over 70% of all the roofs. There are several reasons for this market share, including easy application, low costs, excellent performance, and, of course, attractiveness.

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30 Yr Roof replacement

30 yr roof replacement shingles will give your homes curb appeal a huge boost!  Architectural shingles start with a heavier mat base, typically fiberglass that has been coated with asphalt. Multiple layers are then overlapped and laminated together to create the distinctive texture. 

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50 YR roof replacement

50 yr roof replacement shingles otherwise known as designer shingles are our high end line for residential roof replacement.  These ultra high definition shingles are the thickest, most ultra-dimensional shingle. Featuring Owens Corning's proprietary color blends, designer shingles offer a wood-shake look with an incredible thickness that you’ll notice and appreciate.