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Attic Insulation Contractors Servicing All Spring/Klein TX

Proper attic insulation levels are very important in keeping our homes comfortable and efficient.  Most homes in Spring TX are built with what building code requires.  Unless the home is custom or upgraded, the minimum R-Value of R-30 is installed.  The Texas Dept. of Energy recommends attic insulation coverage of R-49 to protect your home from Texas heat.  An easy way to identify if your attic has sufficient insulation is to take a peek in the attic.  If you are able to see your attic floor rafters, your attic insulation levels are low.  If you are able to see your attic rafters, your attic insulation levels are between R-19 and R-30.  This does make your home code compliant, but not energy efficient.

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Spring/Klein Blown In Attic Insulation Experts

Just like you wear a coat when it's cold to keep you warm, your home needs a “coat” to keep you and your family comfortable. With the proper amount of attic insulation, your home will have its own protective barrier between the climate outside and your living space. This "coat" or barrier, protects your home from extreme temperatures and helps keep your interior temperature comfortable. To mitigate the fluctuations of extreme weather in Spring/Klein area,  we install only formaldehyde free blow-in insulation of loose fill fiberglass.

Whether your home is brand new and in need of fresh insulation or it’s older and does not have enough insulation, our blow-in attic insulation installers can bring your home up to recommended levels.   Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX has been providing attic insulation services in the Spring/Klein area for over 20 years.  Call us today for a free quote

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Free Attic Insulation Inspection

Even if your attic already has insulation, it still may not be as protected as you think. Insulation loses effectiveness over time as it settles, and only 20% of houses constructed prior to 1980 have sufficient insulation. If you are not sure whether your home is properly insulated, let us give you a free attic insulation inspection. Our attic insulation experts will determine the correct amount of blow-in insulation to bring your home up to a minimum R-38 insulation standard.  Moreover, the attic insulation can be applied over insulation, which reduces the expense, the hassle, and the mess associated with removing existing insulation.

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