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Attic Ventilation Contractors Servicing All Spring/Klein TX

Proper attic ventilation brings cool air into the attic and allows hot humid air to escape. Because roofs are heated the sun, they build up considerable heat in the warm season. Attic ventilation provides an outlet for this heat gain to escape and allows fresh air to enter the attic.  In the winter, humid air is removed thru the same design helping your home and roof maximize it's life expectancy.  Trapped attic heat can quickly transfer inside your air conditioned space if not properly removed.

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Soffit Vents

The Soffit vents of a home are the intake or where the cooler air enters the attic thru. To have a balanced transfer of attic air, a home must have an equal amount of soffit air intake as it does exhaust air. Homes with not enough soffit air intake will not be able to move the hot attic air. This leads to an uncomfortable home with high energy bills. Call Avalanche Roofing Contractors today to inspect your homes soffit system to make sure your attic is optimized and ready for the summer heat

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