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Radiant Barrier Installers In Spring/Klein

Radiant Barrier is one the components necessary in any homes attic insulation system to make it more energy efficient.  Radiant barrier is a perforated aluminum faced film that is mechanically fastened to the underside of your roof rafters.  This creates an air channel from your lower soffit to the peak of your roof.  Cooler outside air comes in from the bottom soffit and replaces the much warmer air exiting out thru the roof vents.  Radiant barrier insulation blocks up to 95% of radiant heat transmitted thru your roof.  In any given summer here in Spring/Klein TX, roof temperatures can easily reach 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit.  This immense heat raises the temperature of everything it comes in contact with including your attics air.  Radiant heat are electromagnetic waves that travel thru air space.  The sun heats your roof, gets transmitted to your attic air space, heats up your hvac and duct work, heats up your attic insulation and if your insulation level is lower than recommended, will warm up your ceiling drywall.  This is why ceilings feel hotter than other spaces especially in two story homes.  Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX, your affordable radiant barrier installers in Spring/Klein TX


Voted most affordable radiant barrier installers in Spring/Klein TX

Spring/Klein's near year-round summer heat can turn your attic into an oven, often reaching temperatures over 140°. This damaging heat radiates through your insulation and into your living space below, making your homes HVAC unit run non-stop and creating high energy consumption. Our perforated radiant barrier blocks 95% of radiant heat transference, which stops the heat from entering the attic space and warming it up.  Not only does attic heat warm up the air space, but also the hvac equipment and air duct's.  This changes the temperature of the air you pay to cool making it take longer to make your home comfortable.  Call Avalanche Roofing Contractors of Spring TX today for a free radiant barrier estimate and to find out how radiant barrier installation in Spring/Klein TX can help you save money on heating and cooling

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